St Vincent School Nurse

Sr Mavis Mokholoane who is a Speciality Professional Nurse in Advanced Child Psychiatry, with qualifications in General Nursing, Community, Psychiatry and Midwifery.




Duties include:-

Ordering, receiving and control over all medication and medical stock on school premises.


Treatment of any sick or injured learners at school - Contacting of parents and referral to Dr’s if necessary.


An active member of the School based Support Team, and the Clinical Team.


Admin duties; Record keeping, reports on incidences and the recording & typing of minutes of all Counselling and School Based Support Team meetings.


Referrals to Learning clinic at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital or other professionals when necessary.


In-service training to assistants, learners and parents relating to health matters.


Assisting with the monthly collection of prescription medicine from the Johannesburg Provincial Hospital.


Coordinating and administering of any vaccinations when there are Government Vaccination campaigns.


Assisting teachers with special needs children in their classes. Educating and helping them with coping mechanisms.


Parent involvement when needed e.g. counselling, education and support.


Handing out of donated food “parcels” regularly and food hampers at the end of the year.


Generally being a MOMMY when they are at school and may need a mommy figure...




What is a School Nurse?


“A School Nurse is an Encyclopaedia in a school.

Most students find it informative and full of useful information.

Some students refer to it daily, weekly or several times during the school year.

Most students know where it is kept and its availability.

Other students have difficulty locating it.

A few students prefer not to use it except in an emergency, and then they learn to treasure it.

Some of the school faculty seem proud to have this book in their collection and refer to it often, while others consider it just another book.

Some faculty members appreciate this great book, but others do not.

This book is handled carelessly by most of the people and it has no place of its own on the bookshelf, like other books.

It is shifted around and may be found in the most inconspicuous places in a school.

In an emergency, the cry goes out so that everyone can try and locate this valuable book.

This Encyclopaedia may be found anywhere in that large school – comforting someone in the yard, hallway, restroom, on stairs, in a classroom, in the teachers’ lounge, the tuck-shop, gym or even in a corner behind the door with its pages torn and cover bent.”


All accidents or illnesses at school must please be reported to the School Nurse.


All staff members dealing with any child in an emergency are to use basic health precautions as a standard procedure.

The use of gloves is mandatory when dealing with any body fluids.  Gloves are obtainable from the school nurse; each teacher has a pair in his / her classroom, which must be replaced by the teacher (from the school nurse) once they have been used.

Dealing with accidents and injuries at school:

Stay calm, sum up the situation quickly and act fast.

Before you act, adopt the SAFE approach.

Shout for assistance

Approach with care

Free the victim from dangers

Evaluate the victim


* Get help if necessary.

* Always report all injuries, no matter how small to the nurse.

* Severe injuries will need to be documented, so it will help if you write down in your own words what happened, who was on duty and what you did after the incident.

* Remember always to call for help and only start with first aid at school yourself if it is life threatening and you are waiting for help to arrive.

* Any first aid administered at school needs to be reported to the school nurse.

* Always remember to use gloves when dealing with any body fluids.

* Please make sure that your first aid box is always restocked after use.

* Do not leave it for the next person to do as they may not realize until they are dealing wit an emergency and then it is too late!



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