Social Fund

This committee was established in 1940. It was then called ‘The 1st Melrose Boy Scouts Group Committee’. A group of volunteers from the area wanted to support the Deaf Scouts and give them all the chances that a hearing group would have. They collected funds to do so. Soon a Cub group would be started at the school ‘The 1st Melrose Wolf Cub Pack’.

The committee held regular meetings, the minutes and financial statements Were most meticulously kept and are available in the archives. Soon the committee realised that the school had other needs and needed financial support in matters that were not directly educational but rather of a cultural and social nature.

In 1946 the committee changed its name to ‘St Vincent’s Christmas Tree and Social Fund’. The members were adamant that each child should have a Christmas Party and a present, that the children could experience outings and picnics and participate in sporting activities. During that time , most of the children were in the hostels, They went home three times a year during the holidays. Enjoyable activities, especially on weekends, were important to contribute to the general well being of the children.

In 1953 the Fund again changed the name to ‘St Vincent School Social Fund’ since the members wanted to emphasise their support for a number of activities that benefitted the deaf child throughout the year.

Fund Raising:

The Fund relies on donation from the public. Once a year a Letter of Appeal is sent randomly to businesses and private people in the Gauteng area. There is a golden list of regular donors who have given for a number of years to the Fund.

Financial support to the School:

The Social Fund looks after poor learners and supplies them with school uniforms and warm clothes in winter. Poor families receive food parcels at Christmas time or when needed. The Fund sponsors children who cannot afford to participate in outings or sporting functions. The Fund makes money available to the school so that it can employ class assistants in the grades. These are mostly deaf adults, past pupils of the school, who fulfil an important function as role models and communicators. The fund supports a trip to the Midmar Mile, Summer Games for the Deaf, volleyball tournament, the annual Sportsday and Swimming Gala and other functions, bearing in mind that most children come from poor families.

If you want to support the activities of this Fund, please make your donation to:

St Vincent School Social Fund

Nedbank Rosebank Mall

Branch No 195 805

Account No: 1958 066 117


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